Community Nominated Hero: Erin Peacock

We believe those who do extraordinary work deserve to be recognized. Whether it’s someone on the health care front lines, someone working to protect our civil liberties or our environment, or someone who goes the extra mile to make their community a better place. 

Heroes are all around us, and we want to express our gratitude through our new Community Nominated Hero Program. Once a quarter, our team at Pakt will read through all the applications and celebrate the amazing work our community is doing by selecting one submission to receive a Pakt product as a small gesture of thanks.

This quarter, we came across a submission from George Jibilian nominating Erin Peacock:

“Erin works internationally building relationships with and distributing bulk food relief to food banks through the US as well as food relief organizations in various 3rd world countries. She is mindful, kind, generous and authentic.  Her years of mindfulness training has shaped her into an amazing human being who gives more than she asks.”

For the past couple of years, Erin Peacock has been working for a small company in the bulk agriculture/commodities business. The company also has a non-profit called Food Aid Project, which works with suppliers to ship containers of food (mostly dry beans) to third world countries and places that need it the most. Over the years, the non-profit has helped to feed millions of people. Over the past year-plus, the company has also been working with Food Banks to help feed communities in the U.S. There has been an increasing demand during this time, and Erin works to supply communities with healthy, nutritious food.

Separately, she is growing her own personal endeavor and business, Meditate to Inspire, which combines her passions of art and mindfulness. She makes original art as well as gives workshops, classes, offers meditations, and one day soon she will be hosting retreats that combine creativity and mindfulness.

We are definitely inspired and beyond thrilled to be able to send Erin a Pakt Travel Backpack as a small token of our appreciation for all that she does for her community, and beyond. 

“The Pakt Travel Backpack is something I would definitely enjoy using for any trip, without a doubt! It's exactly the type of bag I've been looking for all of these years!” Erin told us. “Currently, I don't have big plans for global travel (but you never know!), so for now I'll be taking this backpack with me on visits to places around Ecuador and maybe hop over to the Galapagos with it as well.”

Wherever it goes, we hope it serves you well, Erin! Thank you for all you do!


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