Community Nominated Hero: Grant Coffin

We believe those who do extraordinary work deserve to be recognized. Whether it’s someone on the health care front lines, someone working to protect our civil liberties or our environment, or someone who goes the extra mile to make their community a better place. 

Heroes are all around us, and we want to express our gratitude through our new Community Nominated Hero Program. Once a quarter, our team at Pakt will read through all the applications and celebrate the amazing work our community is doing by selecting one submission to receive a Pakt product as a small gesture of thanks. 

This quarter, we came across this submission from Michael Weiner, nominating a fellow Firefighter:

“Grant Coffin is a Firefighter / Engineer for the Burbank Fire Department.  He is one of the finest members of our Department, and he has been formally recognized as one of our Firefighters of the Year. He is a mentor to me and to others and he is the kind of person who lifts up those around him. He’s never content to be idle and is always working on something to make this Department a better place to work.

Grant is also a high level metal fabricator and a self-professed ‘Metal Barista’.  Some of his works can be seen on his Instagram. Their quality and attention to detail are a testament to the kind of person that he is. Something like the Pakt Coffee Kit would be perfect for him to use when he is deployed on strike teams to fight Brush Fires across the state of California.” 


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So after a few years of crooked helmets, rubber straps shooting across the room, and eventually not wearing a light whatsoever, I made these to modernize helmet mounted lights. Be advised(had to use this terrible term 😂) that if you are seeking 5000 lumens and the nickname of the human UFO this is not the light mount for you. If you seek to blind your coworkers while looking directly at their face while standing out on the lawn during overhaul, this is also not the light for you. This light is for the current day, all risk firefighter. This generalization encompasses firefighters that wear their helmets, day and night, for training and on real incidents, and on public assists as well as fires. It’s truly designed to do everything well, but nothing perfect. The perfect light for each situation would require a hand full. We only get one most of the time. The Black Diamond Sprint 225 is a single button on off unit. It doesn’t have gimmicks like red or blue LEDs or SOS signals. A gloved hand should be able to produce light at an instant. It’s rechargeable via a micro usb cable which are found in most fire engines that “should” be in service today 😂 Each light mount is stainless steel and comes with hardware to convert your BD light that is found on Amazon or REI. Cost is $20. DONT BE THE CROOKED HELMET GUY!

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We are definitely inspired and beyond thrilled to be able to send Grant a Pakt Coffee Kit as a small token of our appreciation for all that he does for his community (and the state of California- thank you Grant!) We had the chance to hear what life's like on the frontlines battling the recent outbreak of wildfires from the man himself: 

“We’ve been super busy all year so far. It seems like the California wildfire season has become more of a year-round event lately. Coffee in the fire service almost is as iconic as Dalmatians and shiny red trucks. We drink a ton of coffee around the clock to keep up with the normal call volume around the city, but it’s the first creature comfort we give up by going on brush fire deployments. 

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LA>Sonora>Big Sur>?

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Storage space in our fire engine is at an all time low and most of our gear needs to be loaded in a moment's notice. The Pakt Coffee Kit is the perfect mix between being highly useful on the fly and durable for the profession. Having coffee on the fire line can set the pace for the day and makes us feel a little more at home when we can’t be.”

If someone inspires you through their work, actions, or just everyday life, you can nominate them through our Community Hero Nomination form.