#ChooseExperiences: Kristian Pletten

At Pakt we place experiences above possessions, so during this crazy Christmas shopping season, rather than run sales like most brands do, we asked our friends what their favorite experiences were of 2018.

For the latest #chooseexperiences post, photographer friend, sailor, and general adventure enthusiast Kristian Pletten shared a few moments from his ongoing overlanding trip.



"I knew I would only have one opportunity to get to know my girlfriend for the first time, and when she accepted my somewhat crazy idea of going overlanding for three months as our first vacation I also knew she was the right one.

It turns out that traveling together to far away places has been a fantastic way to get to know each other. We’re actually still on the road, taking in the scenery and culture while telling stories from our lives and pondering about what the future holds.

I’m sure glad we took the time off from work to cherish this special moment in our lives."