#ChooseExperiences: Jess Carpenter

At Pakt we place experiences above possessions, so during this crazy Christmas shopping season, rather than run sales like most brands do, we asked our friends what their favorite experiences were of 2018.

For the latest #chooseexperiences post, our favorite zero waste and conscious style blogger Jess Carpenter  shared some wisdom she learned 2018:


Jess Carpenter Jess With Less zero waste blog


"This year I have learned to embrace the uncomfortable. At the begging of 2018 I knew I wanted to start my blog and work on building an audience on Instagram. I’ve faced the uncomfortable in so many different ways that its really taught me how important it is when it comes to learning and growing. Whatever you are pursuing, know that you will face so many challenges and uncomfortable seasons. Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? What if you gave up the first time you fell off? Keep jumping back on and trying, you will surprise yourself over and over again."


Above, Zero Waste Cold Brew from Jess's blog.