Drinks To Go: Campfire Old Fashioned

Welcome to Drinks To Go, a series on how to make amazing, highly portable cocktails for your late Summer and Fall getaways. We’ve partnered up with some of our favorite brands, Elevated Craft and Hella Cocktail Co., to bring you recipes with minimal steps and ingredients that are easy to pack and find on the go.

You’re in a crispy cool forest retreat sitting around the campfire with your nearest and dearest after a long day of exploring- and you definitely want to warm up with a Campfire Old Fashioned. You’ll feel like a more down-to-earth Don Draper in no time:




Packing List

Rocks glass or other short vessel

Combine 3 dashes of Smoked Chili Bitters, one ounce of Hella Old Fashioned Mix, and 2 oz Bourbon (we’re using local favorite Kings County Distillery) in your Elevated Craft Shaker. Fill your rocks glass & shaker with ice. Stir the shaker until the mixture is cold, then strain over your rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with orange peel.


Travel Tips

  • Mix it up- this cocktail is super versatile, and the bourbon can be subbed for your favorite mezcal or rum.
  • No need to bring a measuring glass– you can measure all your ingredients in the lid of the Elevated Craft Shaker
  • Drink with Andrew Wasylyk to transport you to a vibey smoke filled cocktail bar that you’re unlikely to experience for a while.