People of Pakt: Bob Spengler's Pakt Family

For Community Appreciation Week, we wanted to spotlight a few standout stories we’ve heard along the way from our amazing community. Let us introduce you to a legend among the Pakt Team– Bob Spengler.

We came to be aquatinted with Bob through a few customer service exchanges, and quickly realized that over the years, he’s bought no less than 10 Pakt bags for members of his family! We were curious to learn more about him and his family of Pakt travelers. Bob has lived quite a traveled life, turns 80 this January, and is still adventuring as much as possible.


Bob Spengler and family


Bob has been traveling and exploring his whole life, and he loves to share those adventures with the ones he loves. Bob has been married to his copilot, Barb, for 55 years. She helps plan, and joins him on most of his adventures. 

Bob’s adventures have included (but are not limited to)- working and traveling through South Africa, backpacking around Europe in the 60s, driving the famous Red Jammer Bus tours over the Highway to the Sun in Glacier National Park in 1963, serving in the Army as a platoon leader in Vietnam, and then returning to Vietnam the summer of 2018 because his granddaughter, Alexandra, invited him to explore it with her.


Bob Spengler and family


He sailed the Caribbean many times with friends and family, and volunteered with his daughter Susan on mission trips assisting dentists in the jungles of Honduras. He explored Ecuador and the Galapagos with his daughter and traveled to Cuba to visit another daughter when she lived in Guantanamo Bay. Bob also took a Rick Steve Trip through Turkey as well as cruised the Danube, South America /Cape Horn, the Baltics, Alaska, and the Panama Canal...and the list goes on and on. 

Bob goes out of his way to share his love of travel with his family. It’s a tradition for him to take his grandkids on birthday trips for their 6th and 13th birthdays. They’ve been everywhere from Denver to NYC and all the way to Sweden and Norway for a special overseas trip. His love of adventure has inspired a whole family of travelers, so much so that he bought all ten of them, Pakt bags of their own, which is how we got the opportunity to get to know this incredibly traveled family.


Bob Spengler and family


We asked his daughter, Sandy, to tell us a little bit about her dad. She gave us most of the information in this piece, but also left us with this description of her father and his love of travel:

“My dad's favorite poem is Roberts Frost's "The Road Not Taken," and as you can tell my dad has pretty much lived out this theme of taking adventures, detours, and exploring the world and the opportunities- not necessarily the normal path. I realize this is quite a bit of information, but I think without the big picture it would be hard to see how my dad (and mom) has given so much of himself to his family through travel.

Once he said to me during the planning of one of our trips, “I like doing this because I'm making memories.” And boy has he made so many wonderful memories for our family through the miles and miles we have traveled together.  His gift of Pakt bags is like a symbol of all of those experiences and miles we have spent making memories together. And my dad's hope is we will all continue to take the road less traveled and make more memories together.”


Spengler Family Q&A


Who are the over packers in the family?

Sandy and Savannah 

Best navigators?

It's between Susan and Andrew

Best at picking cool restaurants?

Sandy does her research and finds delicious, unique eateries 

Most travel-savvy? 

A three-way tie between Alexandra, Andrew, and Bob 

Who will use their Pakt bag the most?

Mike for business travel, Alexandra for traversing the globe, and Bob because he is always going somewhere!

Any packing tips?

Well, we may not agree on who is the best navigator- that was contentious, but we all did give the same packing tip- roll items tightly for best space utilization and wrinkle prevention. 

A favorite feature of the Pakt bag?

We are a diverse group, so we each liked a different part of the bag. So many parts of the bag to love! 

  • Alexandra's favorite Pakt Travel Backpack feature is the removable waist strap that turns into a crossbody bag.
  • Barb likes the TSA pouch, its secure compartment for pocket items, and passports. Makes going through TSA screening easier.
  • Mike and Andrew like the computer sleeve: its ease and location.
  • Susan likes the two-sided compartment. Can be used to separate like items or clean and dirty clothes.
  • Bob likes all of the parts and options, that it is easy to use, and is made from excellent materials.
  • Savannah likes its sleek look.
  • Sandy likes the size and comfortability in carrying a backpack.


Thanks to Bob, Sandy, and the entire Spengler family for being a part of the Pakt community! It’s stories like these that fuel Pakt to continue creating.