Backpack Launch Details & Add-on's

Launch day is tomorrow, March 17th! 


Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Launch day is a few hours away, and it’s time to dive into the perks and pricing you can expect, as well as get an overview of the incredible add-ons that will be available!

If you’re planning on supporting the campaign to launch the Pakt Travel Backpack tomorrow, we will be launching at 9 AM ET with a limited number of Super Early Bird rewards. Use this link to find our campaign.


The Pakt Travel Backpack launches on 3/17!

Indiegogo Perks & Pricing






We have carefully designed these functional add-ons that are useful for both inside and outside of the pack. Choose one to up your pack game, or for the best price, grab the bundle while supplies last! 


The rainfly fits snuggly over your Pakt Backpack providing an extra layer of protection against the elements. It features a hooded Aquaguard zipper to allow access to the lower front pocket, so your items are always within reach while staying perfectly dry. 


Our packing cube set is sized to perfectly fill the two sides of the Pakt Travel Backpack to maximize your use of the volumes. A set includes 5 total pieces, consisting of 3 different sizes and styles. Two large zippered cubes, 2 small zippered cubes, and one stuff sack style bag for items that you don't fold – like socks or underwear. The zippered cubes feature translucent fabric top panel that allows you to easily identify contents without opening each cube.



The packable tote is an upgraded version of a popular tote we made for our Pakt One bag. It's compact and lightweight, and folds into an attached pocket which you can stash perfectly in a mesh interior pocket. Unpack it at your destination to use it as a laundry, beach, or shopping bag. It’s also great as a shoe bag!


Launch countdown begins now, see you bright and early tomorrow morning!